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29th SepEngland Hockey AGM Resolution Consultation

To anyone who wasn't able to attend the recent Sussex Hockey meeting on 24th September. Your club HA association, webmaster and secretary has been sent a copy of a summary of the discussion. Please ensure you have read this. The wider the distribution around Sussex the better we can be placed to

1. Find out more information

2. Be involved in some of the decision making

Any comments please send to so that Sue Perry is able to collate these to send back around and also take to the meeting and send to our South rep on the RCC .

We want EH to know that Sussex is not sitting and waiting for things to happen to us as we are proactive in our moving of our sport forward at all levels for everybody, but still have an allegiance to having a county face of what we do.

Individuals are invited by EH to comment on the proposals by 27th October on their website. Please see the link for further info.

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25th JulWeb Site Structure Changes

Some changes have been made to the structure of the web site.
Some of the pages that have traditionally been available to anyone have been moved to within the personal area. This further protects data from access by people with no genuine reason to access it.
The pages affected are the Committees Page, Umpire Contact Details Page(s), Membership Page, Umpire Panels Page and Umpire Awards Page.
In addition, the Club Page that is in the public area showing all the information about a club has been modified so that it no longer shows any contact information for individuals. There is a duplicate of the page accessible from within the personal areas, which does show contact details.

The changes mean that, with the exception of a very few key contacts for the association(s), no personal contact information is now available to the public - it is only available to people who are properly registered as umpires or registered by clubs as club administrators or team officials.
In the past, there have been three settings that people can use for protecting their contact information (Public, Private or Secret). Because of the changes the Public category is now only really relevant for a few key association contacts and a new Internal category has been added. Any contact information marked as Internal can only be seen by genuinely registered users of the web site.
If your contact information needs to be seen by people from other clubs even if you are not due to play against them, you should ensure that your privacy setting for the relevant contact information is Internal rather than Private.

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