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16th MarCongratulations to Steve Minter

All at Sussex HUA wish to offer their congratulations to Steve Minter who is due to umpire his 100th game on Saturday 24th March.
Well done Steve

24th FebCongratulations to Nigel Cannon and Robin Lush

All at Sussex HUA offer their congratulations to Nigel Cannon on his 150th appointment on 3rd March and to Robin Lush who umpires his 100th game on 4th March.
Well done to you both

15th FebDissent towards an umpire

It is important that umpires understand that 2 yellow cards to the same player for duplicate minor offences (the second resulting in a red card') cannot be given for dissent towards an umpire. If a yellow card has already been shown to a player for this, any repeat by the same player must result in a straight red card, with the resulting consequences.

This is very clear in Section 6.3 of the England Hockey Red Card and Matchday Misconduct Regulations from September 2016 which says

Where a person has committed a red card offence which consisted of two separate, but the same, minor offences for which a yellow card was awarded for the first offence (see Rule 2.3 e of Umpiring, page 44, FIH Rules of Hockey from 1 January 2015) there shall be no further period of suspension. A minor offence is defined as an offence which does not involve
i. any used, attempted or threatened physical violence or
ii. any dissent towards an umpire, properly appointed tournament or match official


If you have to drop out of a game to which you have been appointed then please SPEAK to the Appointments Secretary.

BY ALL MEANS SEND A TEXT OR EMAIL BUT PLEASE FOLLOW THIS UP WITH A PHONE CALL. This is really important as sometimes text or email messages don’t get through or are delayed.
Thank you for your help in this matter


Richard has now reached the notable milestone of umpiring his 200th game since the inception of the website.

All at the HUA offer their congratulations on achieving this significant achievement


John Moss is due to umpire his 250th game on Saturday 13th January, Chichester 2’ v Havant 2SJ.

All at Sussex HUA offer their congratulations on this significant achievement.

Well done John.

14th Nov (2017)Paul Shackman 300 games

On 18 March 2017 Paul umpired his 300th game for the Association since the website was implemented. Congratulations from everyone at Sussex HUA, although a little late!!

6th Oct (2017)Pre Season Presentation by Jane Binner

The presentation by Jane Binner on September 21st 2017 has now been uploaded to the website. It can be found in the Information and Downloads section or by following the link in this news item.

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6th Oct (2017)Rules of Hockey 2017 - misprint in rule 4.2

The printed rule books issued by England Hockey have missed out an important paragraph in rule 4.2. This is:

Field players
"are permitted to wear throughout a match for medical reasons only a smooth preferably transparent or white but otherwise single coloured face mask which closely fits the face, soft protective head-covering or eye protection in the form of plastic goggles (ie goggles with a soft-covered frame and plastic lenses); the medical reasons must be assessed by an appropriate authority and the player concerned must understand the possible implications of playing with the medical condition"

This is correctly included in the 2017 rule book downloadable from FIH or our website, and the link is included in this news item.

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30th May (2017)Head injuries and other serious injuries

We would like to remind all umpires about the correct procedures with regard to head (and other serious) injuries.
In the event of a head (or another serious) injury, the game MUST be stopped immediately so that the player may receive appropriate treatment.
When and where possible and appropriate, the player should leave the pitch and only return to the game if an appropriately qualified medical practitioner allows.
If under the age of 18, the player with a head injury is NOT allowed to return to the game until he/she has been assessed by an appropriately qualified medical practitioner.
Please follow the link for England Hockey's policy on concussion.

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