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1st FebPeter Savage

It is with great sadness that I write to let you all know that Peter Savage died today.

Peter will be know to many in Sussex as a long standing member of the umpires' association and was instrumental in the formation of the association that we know today. He did a huge amount of work in bringing the men's and women's sections together as one.

He is also well known for his great enthusiasm for photography and there has not been a major hockey event that has not been excellently covered by Peter's camera.

Our thoughts and sympathy go to Stella, the family and all Peter's many friends. When details of the funeral are known I will place them on the website.

Paul Shackman

25th JanProcedure for cancelled games

Ideally, the home club will have called you before you set off from home: in this case, please go straight to your Personal Area, confirm the match as cancelled AND enter a zero expense claim. The sooner you do this, the less hassle for Tim, Allen and myself.

If you do not get the call before you set off, please make sure you have your phone accessible in case you get a call en route. Once you've been informed of the cancellation and are back home, enter your Personal Area, mark the match as cancelled, enter your mileage expenses for the aborted journey and email me ( to confirm the time you received the call and any other details you feel I need to know as soon as possible . This is important as it will have an impact on whether Sussex HUA decides the club should be charged for the rearranged fixture (which will not be the case if sufficient notice of cancellation is provided).

In the unlikely event that you travel all the way to the ground only to find the pitch unplayable (this is the home club's call right up until the first whistle, after which it becomes your call on the grounds of safety. Do not advise either team that you think the pitch is not playable before the start of the match), you should repeat the above procedure upon your return home. In such a case, the home club will almost certainly be charged for the rearranged fixture.

22nd Nov (2016)2017 Rules of Hockey

England Hockey have confirmed that the 2017 rules of hockey will be applied to all hockey in England with effect from 1 August 2017.

23rd Oct (2016)Rule clarifications

Below are a number of rule clarifications which must be applied by all umpires in Sussex to ensure consistency

If a player goes to ground and makes contact with the player before, during or after the tackle, or makes the opponent take evasive action, then this must be penalised with a yellow card, normally for 10 minutes. A penalty corner should also be given if this is in the defensive 23 metre area, or a penalty stroke if inside the D.

As far as goalkeepers are concerned, bear in mind the guidance at rule 10.3.
'Goalkeepers are not permitted to conduct themselves in a manner which is dangerous to other players by taking advantage of the protective equipment they wear.'

Captains must wear a distinctive armband or similar distinguishing article on an upper arm or shoulder or over the upper part of a sock. (Rule 3.3)

Goalkeepers and players with goalkeeping privileges must wear a coloured shirt or garment which is different in colour from that of both teams. Goalkeepers (ie wearing full protective equipment) must wear this shirt or garment over any upper body protection. Elbow protection does not need to be covered by the shirt or garment, as long as it contains no sharp edges.

If the teams cannot agree on the colour of the ball, a white ball must be used.

If a goalkeeper is shown a card or is injured, and has to leave the field, time is stopped to allow the goalkeeper to leave the field. If the team has a second goalkeeper already kitted up, then they are allowed to make a substitution, but must play with one less player if this is the result of the suspension of a goalkeeper. No additional time is allowed for the team to kit up another goalkeeper.

25th Sep (2016)Radios requiring repair

The process if an umpire's radio develops a fault is as follows

Go to (see link below) and follow the instructions. There may be an amount of £25 payable by the umpire, but if the issue is found to be a fault with the radio, this will be refunded.

There appears to be a common complaint that the Jabra headsets lose connection during a game and either all communication is lost, or communication only works in one direction. This may be an issue with the compatibility between the Jabra 2.5mm plug and the socket on the radio, or may be a faulty Jabra. In both cases the supplied boom headset and microphone will usually work.

Ian Anguige

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