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18th Apr2016 AGM Meeting Minutes

The 2016 AGM minutes have now been uploaded. Please follow the link below.

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30th MarRed card question

Do umpires have to award a Red Card when the player has committed two separate, but duplicate, minor offences, where a yellow card was awarded for the first offence?
Yes. This is in accordance with FIH Rules of Hockey (see Section 14 in the Playing the game– Personal penalties and Section 2.3 in the Umpiring section – Applying the rules). These cases should be recorded on the Red Card/Matchday Misconduct Offence report form under category D and returned to the relevant County Disciplinary Officer.
It is recommended that the umpire shows the Yellow Card for the second time, swiftly followed by the Red Card.
A minor offence is defined as an offence which does not involve
i. any used, attempted or threatened physical violence or
ii. any dissent towards an umpire, properly appointed tournament or match official.
This is very important if you are required to complete a Red Card/MMO report form.
The form and full guidance notes are available fin the Information & Downloads section of the website.

30th MarFIH Rules of Hockey App (for Android and iOS phones)

You'll be delighted to know that FIH has now produced an app for Android and iOS smart phones. Please go to Google Play or the App Store on your smart phone to get to the app. FIH has commented “This tool is yet another important component of our 10-year hockey Revolution strategy aimed at making hockey a global game that inspires the next generation. In particular, this app will be key to helping us achieve our aim of increasing professionalism across the sport by increasing awareness and understanding of the rules that govern it.”

22nd Nov (2016)2017 Rules of Hockey

England Hockey have confirmed that the 2017 rules of hockey will be applied to all hockey in England with effect from 1 August 2017.

25th Sep (2016)Radios requiring repair

The process if an umpire's radio develops a fault is as follows

Go to (see link below) and follow the instructions. There may be an amount of £25 payable by the umpire, but if the issue is found to be a fault with the radio, this will be refunded.

There appears to be a common complaint that the Jabra headsets lose connection during a game and either all communication is lost, or communication only works in one direction. This may be an issue with the compatibility between the Jabra 2.5mm plug and the socket on the radio, or may be a faulty Jabra. In both cases the supplied boom headset and microphone will usually work.

Ian Anguige

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