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Taking Neutral Appointments

If you are not currently taking neutral appointments from Sussex HUA and you are interested in doing so, please contact the Membership Secretary for more information (click here for email address).

Benefits of Sussex HUA Membership


You will be fully insured to umpire ANY game. Your club can only insure you to umpire their club games.

Rule Changes

All members receive a rule book whenever they are published and guidance on changes in rule interpretations.

Sussex HUA Support

You will have support from Sussex HUA if you have any issues in games (a red card for example) or just questions about umpiring or where to go next. If you want to take appointments we can help but, even if you donít, we will support you.

Sussex HUA Network

You have not only the Sussex HUA website but also the full Sussex HUA network of umpires to provide you with information about any umpiring related issue.

To Join Sussex HUA

Simply contact the Membership Secretary (click here for email address).

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Recent News Items
19th January 2017
Congratulations to Andrew Hough; 200 games

Congratulations to Andrew Hough on his 200th Appointment,
East Grinstead 2's v Worthing on the 18th February
in the Women's South League Division 3B

Enjoy the occasion Andrew
18th January 2017

I am very sad to report that Tom Waterhouse died on the 10th January 2017

Tom was a very long standing member of the association and was always ready with a kind and welcoming word whenever one was appointed to umpire at Eastbourne.

The funeral will take place on Monday, 30th. January 2017 ...
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10th December 2016
Peter Savage
I am very sad to report that Peter Savage is now extremely ill. Many of you will know Peter through his high quality photography of hockey.

He has also been a leading light in our association and played a pivotal role in bringing the ladies and men's organisations together in the association ...
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22nd November 2016
2017 Rules of Hockey
England Hockey have confirmed that the 2017 rules of hockey will be applied to all hockey in England with effect from 1 August 2017.
6th November 2016
Players and goalkeepers going to ground
There have been a number of queries around the interpretation of this, so more detailed clarification is below.

If a player goes to ground and makes contact with the player before, during or after the tackle, or makes the opponent take evasive action, then this must be penalised with a yellow ...
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2nd November 2016
Goalkeeper elbow protection and smocks
See below an extract from an email received from England Hockey, which confirms that short sleeved smocks can now be worn by goalkeepers with elbow protection, as long as the elbow protection does not contain any sharp edges.

"From an NGB view, we are comfortable with individuals using short ...
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26th October 2016
Sussex HUA shirts
Sussex HUA lime green and orange umpiring shirts are available in the Members' Shop for umpires taking appointments. The cost will be deducted from expenses for those who have entered regular availability and other umpires will need to pay for the shirts in advance. All umpires should wear these ...
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25th October 2016
Congratulations to Kieran Jones
Many congratulations to Kieran Jones who was successful in his NPUA assessment this weekend.
Sussex HUA wish you all the best for your future umpiring career.
23rd October 2016
Rule clarifications
Below are a number of rule clarifications which must be applied by all umpires in Sussex to ensure consistency

If a player goes to ground and makes contact with the player before, during or after the tackle, or makes the opponent take evasive action, then this must be penalised with a yellow ...
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25th September 2016
Radios requiring repair ...(with link - click here)
The process if an umpire's radio develops a fault is as follows

Go to (see link below) and follow the instructions. There may be an amount of £25 payable by the umpire, but if the issue is found to be a fault with the radio, this will be refunded.

There ...
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